Payments ⇒ accounting reports + statistics

In this section, reports on financial settlements with participants are published at the end of each business day. The most recent reports are located at the top of the list, based on the 20 most recent reports for the reporting period. Later calculations can be viewed in the large file "Archive".

Each report contains detailed information about incoming payments from all participants of the project, as well as a place in line assigned to each participant's bitcoin wallet, which is updated every day, so you can predict your approach to getting profit from the "Bitcoin piggy Bank".

The report is an exported extract from the project's bitcoin wallet, in “txt" format. That is, it opens on the computer using the Notepad program. For ease of transmitting information over the Internet, each report will be compressed into a "zip" format.

Payment statistics ⇒ 10.08.2020
Reserved today
0 places
Paid today
0 places
Waiting payment
0 places
Total paid
0 places
Last reservation
0 places
Project potential
10.000.000 places
  • Reserved today In the "Reserved today" column, information about new reserved places in the project by new participants for today is published.
  • Paid today The "Paid today" column contains information about the total number of seats that were paid with a profit of +10% for today, on the specified calendar date.
  • Waiting payment In the "Waiting payment" column, information is published about the total number of participants (bitcoin wallets) who have taken a queue in the project and expect to receive bitcoins with a profit of +10% from the piggy Bank on the specified calendar date.
  • Total paid In the "Total paid" column, information is published about the total number of payments to participants who waited their turn and received a profit of +10% in the project, from the date of its launch to the present day.
  • Last reservation In the "Last reservation" column, information is published about the last sequential number of seats reserved in the project, from the date of its launch to the present day.
  • Project potential According to our calculations, a minimum of 10.000.000 places in line will need to pass before the project is fully loaded, and that is provided that about 50.000 people will participate in the project, or only 1 person out of 140.000 people living on the planet Earth, each of whom will make a repeated number of payments in the project from 1 to 500 or more. At the same time, more than 9.000.000 places in line will be guaranteed to win and will receive a profit of +10% from the project's piggy Bank. If there are more potential participants, the potential of the project will be significantly more than 10.000,000 places, so feel free to participate in the project to start increasing your bitcoins as quickly as possible. This is much safer than losing all your bitcoins in trading with a 99% probability. While the probability of losing in the project "Bitcoin-piggy Bank" is only 9-10%, and then, in the distant times, since the project is just beginning its life.
Reports and archives
  • Report ⇒ 25-04-2020 25 → day; 04 → month; 2020 → year.
  • Reports

The "Report" publishes: 1) Incoming "Received with" payments; 2) a list of bitcoin wallets that received payment for today; 3) a list of bitcoin wallets waiting for their turn to be paid, as well as the number in line of each bitcoin wallet.

  • Archive

The "Archive" publishes Incoming "Received with" and Outgoing "Send to" payments for the entire period of the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" project. For convenience, each archive contains information for one year. The archive publication is updated once a week.

Report decryption

After opening the report, you will see a list of lines in front of you, each of which contains the payment date, payment type, bitcoin wallet address, and the payment amount in bitcoins. Scroll down and you will see two captions. The first inscription: "at the Top are listed bitcoin wallets waiting to receive payment from the piggy Bank. Each bitcoin wallet has its number in the queue next to it." And the second inscription: "at the Bottom are listed bitcoin wallets that received payment from the piggy Bank for today! Just for today!" See figure #1 below.

If you need to see a list of bitcoin wallets that received a payment from the piggy Bank for a different period of time, then download later reports. Or view them in a large "Archive" file that lists all payments, both incoming and outgoing, without editing.

Also, the next bitcoin wallet will be periodically listed on blockchain sites or in the "Archive" where outgoing "Send to" payments will be published (see figure #2 above). This is our bitcoin wallet designed for Commission fees of 0.0001 (≈1.2) per payment to project participants. "How do you calculate the total size of the Commission fee?" - you may ask. For example, we processed 20 bitcoin wallets of participants. As a result, the Commission fee for 20 payments is 0.002 (0.0001 *20 = 0.002). Further, we included all 20 payments in one blockchain transaction and paid for it, for example, 0.001. And the remaining amount of 0.001, which is reflected in the report, was credited to our bitcoin wallet of the project for Commission fees, which in the future we will use to maintain the project and develop it around the world. The size of each transaction, i.e. the number of payments processed at a time, can be viewed on the sites, for example here: