Increase by 200 times 0.005 (≈60) ⇒ up to 1 (≈12000)
in a short time!

"Bitcoin piggy Bank" is an investment project with the capitalization of bitcoins, based on collective participation. Each participant who takes part in the project and invests only 0.005 (≈60), gets the opportunity to increase their number from the original invested by +10% for one participation and in a short time. At the same time, the number of repeated and simultaneous participation is not limited!

By participating in the project, you first help those who have already taken part in the project to increase their invested bitcoins, and later, other participants will help you increase your bitcoins.

The main mission of the project is to provide an opportunity for each participant using a Deposit of 0.005 (≈60), gradually, with a capitalization of +10%, to increase it to 1 (≈12000), through collective efforts based on mutual assistance.

Key factors of the project:

Commission fee
  • Investments 0.005 - for 1 place To participate in the project, you must make a Deposit of 0.005 (≈60) in the project's piggy Bank. This will automatically book one place in the queue. As soon as your turn comes, you will also automatically receive a payout from the piggy Bank with a profit.
  • A fixed transaction fee of 0.0001 Thanks to the blockchain system, the lowest Commission fee for participation in the project and payment processing is provided, which is only 0.0001 (≈1.2). The size of the Commission fee is fixed and does not depend on the amount of your payment. The Commission fee is required to pay for transactions in the blockchain system, as well as for the further development of the project around the world. The Commission fee is deducted from the project's total piggy Bank when each transaction is accounted for.
  • Profit +10% of investment As soon as you make a payment to the project's piggy Bank, your participation in the project will start automatically. Thanks to the blockchain system, your transaction will be recorded and you will automatically take a place in the queue. Every working day there is a distribution of accumulated bitcoins in the piggy Bank between the project participants. As soon as your turn comes, you will automatically receive a payout from the piggy Bank with a profit +10% ⇒ 0.0055 (≈66).

Unique advantages of the project:

  • Secure payments ⇒ via blockchain! All payments in the project pass only through the blockchain system – this is the most secure network in the world! All payments are also made from the project's personal wallet, thereby creating maximum security from hacking and theft of bitcoins from the project's piggy Bank. Due to the large number of hacker attacks around the world on cryptocurrency sites and exchanges, automatic payment processing via the server part is not used, due to security reasons!
  • Honest accounting ⇒ manually verified! We promise you that we will honestly conduct accounting and distribute payments to project participants, according to the distributed blockchain registry. In addition, the registry is open to all, and you can always monitor the work of the project from the outside (see the links to the Bitcoin Piggy Bank wallet registry below). Therefore, deception on our part ⇒ excluded! Otherwise, it will be easy to detect and we do not want to lose our reputation!
  • Fast capital turnover ⇒ key to success! Due to the low rate of profit on bitcoins, the turnover of payments with active participation will usually occur from a few hours to several days. This exceeds the figure by several tens or hundreds of times than for similar projects, where the rate may be several times higher, and the turnover of payments may be 1-2 years or more. In other words: took part in the "Bitcoin piggy Bank", made the payment , and after a while returned the payment + 10% from the top. If you decide to participate again, make a payment again ⇒ after a while, you return your payment again with a profit of +10% , and so on until you decide to stop.
  • Standalone project ⇒ without your efforts! You are only required to take part in the project and transfer to Bitcoin Piggy Bank. Everything! Further, you automatically take a place in line among the participants, and wait in the wings. You can see the number of your queue in the list of all participants in the accounting reports that we publish at the end of each working day in the section: “Payments”. No need to call other participants into the project, build structures, network marketing, etc. ⇒ none of this is required! Registering an account on the site is also not required! Registration in the project occurs through the blockchain system, in the registry of the Bitcoin piggy Bank wallet ⇒ automatically!

How to take part in the project?

  • Payment to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" ⇒ and your participation has begun! Make a payment of 0.005 (≈60) to the above-mentioned bitcoin wallet of the piggy Bank, thereby taking part in the project and booking one place in the queue. You can immediately book multiple places in the queue with a single payment, a multiple of 0.005. For example, you sent a payment of 0.025 to the project's piggy Bank, which means that you have reserved 5 places in the queue, each of which is equal to 0.005. Remember that when it is your turn to pay, a reward of +10% will be added to the amount of your payment and sent to your bitcoin wallet address from which you made the payment to the piggy Bank earlier. That is, first you send bitcoins to the piggy Bank, and after a while, you get back bitcoins from the piggy Bank with a profit of +10%.
  • If I send less than 0.005? Not recommended! Since the amount less than 0.005, that is, starting from 0.00499999 or less, is not profitable to participate in the project, so it is credited to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" as a charity payment, that is, a donation for project participants.
  • If I send more than 0.005? You can! Preferably a multiple of 0.005. For example, you sent a 0.5 payment to the project's piggy Bank, which means that you have reserved 100 places in the queue, each of which is equal to 0.005. As soon as it is your turn to pay, a reward of +10% will be accrued for each reserved seat and the total amount will be sent to your bitcoin wallet address, from which you made the payment to the piggy Bank earlier.
  • Registration in the project Additional registration is not provided in the project. Your bitcoin wallet address, which is unique in the entire blockchain system, acts as a registration. It is from this account that you will make the first payment to the project's piggy Bank, and it is on this account that you will receive your investments with a profit of +10% in the future. You do not need to provide any additional information about yourself.
Where to check the correctness of accounting?
Site #1:
Site #2:
Site #3:
  • Checking accounting records for correctness Above, we publish sites with an open registry of the bitcoin network. On these sites, you can check when bitcoins were credited and debited from any wallet. Each link leads to the wallet of the project "Bitcoin piggy Bank". Therefore, at any time, if you understand the blockchain registry, you can check the correctness of accounting in the project.
  • Convenient format of accounting Additionally, we will publish accounting reports in the "Payments" section in a convenient format. This is a standard statement exported from a wallet belonging to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" project, but in a more understandable form. Where the "Received with" lines show incoming payments from project participants, and the "Send to" line shows outgoing payments to project participants with a profit of +10%. You can also check each of these lines on the websites published above for correct accounting.
  • Profit calculation example Here is an example of how payments are made in the report according to the blockchain registry. For example, you can see in the report the address of a bitcoin wallet that transferred 0.005 to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" wallet, and after a while, the amount of 0.0055 from the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" wallet was sent to this very address. "How was the payment generated?" - you may ask. When a participant transferred the amount of 0.005 to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" wallet, they automatically took a place in line among the participants, according to the payment date and time in the blockchain registry. Then, when it was the participant's turn to receive the payment, a profit +10% was added to his investment amount of 0.005 and the result was the amount of 0.0055, which was sent to the participant's bitcoin wallet.
The laws of the project ⇒ important!
  • Law #1 ⇒ you can't replace your wallet address! There is a law in the investment project "Bitcoin piggy Bank" – it is impossible to replace the address of the wallet from which you made a payment to the piggy Bank! This is due to fraudulent schemes where someone introduces themselves instead of you and asks us to replace your wallet address. Therefore, before taking part in the project, check your wallet, whether it belongs to you and whether you will have access to it after a while. As soon as it is your turn to receive a payment from the piggy Bank, the transfer will be made to the very wallet from which you made the payment to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" — this is the law! And it is not subject to revision! Even if you lost access to your wallet.
  • Law #2 ⇒ you can't request a refund! After you have made a payment to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" - you automatically accept the rules for participation in the project. This means that your payment is not refundable – this is the law! All incoming payments are distributed among the project participants! Therefore, the only way to get the payment back is to wait for your turn in the project and get it with a profit.
  • Law #3 ⇒ you can not give up profits! As soon as it is your turn to receive a payment from the "Bitcoin piggy Bank", you just like the rest of the participants will receive a payment to your wallet with a profit – this is the law! Even if you decide to refuse the profit, the profit will still be sent to you – this is the law and not subject to discussion!
Additional questions and answers:
  • Can you assign my queue in the list of participants manually? No, the queue of participants is not assigned manually! The queue is formed automatically based on the date and time recorded in the blockchain registry when making a payment to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank". The work is conducted honestly! Therefore, the faster you take a place in line, the faster you will make a profit.
  • How long will it take me to wait for my turn to come? It all depends on the activity of the participants. Someone will need a few hours and it will be their turn to receive a payment from the piggy Bank with a profit of +10%. Someone will need a few days. But in any case, it is much faster than putting money in the Bank and waiting a whole year, two, three years or more to get a return to the deposit +10%!
  • How many times can I re-participate in the project? There are no restrictions on the number of repeated participation in the project by one person! You can participate many times, at your own request. At the same time, you can take places in the queue from several pieces at once, where each place in the queue is reserved by transferring = 0.005 to the "Bitcoin piggy Bank", according to the project rules.
  • My service has a high Commission fee for transfers - what should I do? Do not use services where the Commission fee is high. It is better to use the original bitcoin wallets, where you can set the Commission fee yourself.
  • "Bitcoin piggy Bank" is a financial pyramid? Both Yes and no – at the same time. The project really uses an element of a pyramid character, which is designed to help each participant through collective mutual assistance to increase their bitcoins. But the project cannot be called a" financial " pyramid, because bitcoin is not a recognized financial monetary unit, it is an intangible asset. Further, in a classic financial pyramid, as a rule, only a small part of the people who are at the top earn money, due to the huge promises of profit of 1000%, which clearly indicates the sign of a financial pyramid and its short life cycle. The "Bitcoin piggy Bank" project uses a percentage with a profit rate of +10%, which evenly distributes the project load and profit among the participants. This means that the project can exist for decades and work quite well.
  • "Bitcoin piggy Bank" will not collapse like a pyramid? The investment project "Bitcoin piggy Bank" uses a small percentage of profit - only 10%. This means that the project load at any stage of the project can be only 9-10%, which is very small! In order for the project to collapse, you need to load at least 400-500% at the end of the cycle. In order to achieve such high indicators in the project "Bitcoin piggy Bank" — it will take decades. Or it is necessary that the queue to receive payments from the piggy Bank has formed over a million people, which is why the receipt of each payment with a profit of +10% may slow down, but nevertheless the project will remain operational and continue its work. And this calculation is made without taking into account charitable payments. And taking into account charitable payments, the percentage of project workload may be even less. What are charitable payments - see below.
  • Can you steal all the bitcoins and disappear? This is not possible for one of the following reasons. In order to steal bitcoins-it is necessary that they have accumulated in the piggy Bank and preferably accumulated a lot! But this can't be done because of the project rules! Every day we calculate the accounting and at the end of the day distribute the accumulated bitcoins in the piggy Bank among the project participants, whose turn it is to receive payment from the piggy Bank. This means that every day the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" is emptied to zero bitcoins. The balance of the "Bitcoin piggy Bank", as well as all payments to participants, can be tracked independently in the blockchain registry (links to sites we indicated above), and personally verify the correctness of our words, if you do not trust our accounting reports! This means that we are always in your sight and in case of a mistake, our reputation can be very expensive. We do not want to allow this – so we work honestly! In addition, if you are worried about whether we are working or not, just go to the blockchain registry and look at the bitcoin wallet of the project "Bitcoin piggy Bank", when the last time payments were made to project participants. And if payments were not made for more than three days (even if there were weekends or holidays), then do not make any payments until you get an official explanation from us in the "News" section. If you see that payments are distributed between participants regularly and every day, you can not be afraid and safely take part in the project.
Charity payments!
  • What is a charity payment? As they say: "the World is not without good people." Therefore, we have provided special charitable payments-donations. A key feature of the charity payment is that it is not subject to a Commission fee of 0.0001 and is directly credited to the project's General piggy Bank for further distribution among the project participants standing in line.
  • Who can send a charity payment? Anyone can send a charity payment, even if they are not participating in the project. Either a person, a repeated participant of our project, who has already earned bitcoins several times, and thus decided to make a charitable contribution to the project's piggy Bank.
  • How / where do I send charity payments? Any payment less than 0.005 (less than 60) sent to the main wallet of the project "Bitcoin piggy Bank", namely, starting from 0.00499999 and less, is automatically considered a charity payment. Why? Because a payment of less than 0.005 is unprofitable for participation in the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" project, which means there is no point in sending it to participate in the project. This payment will be automatically recognized as charitable and credited to the project's piggy Bank for further distribution among participants.
  • How can you help the project? The "Bitcoin piggy Bank" investment project is an Autonomous project. This is not network marketing! You do not need to build structures, you do not need to persuade people to take part, you do not need to register, etc. You can take part yourself and not tell anyone about it – this is Your right! However, we will be grateful if you share a link to our project on your social network or blog at least once. Or create a group, post on a forum about our project in your country of residence. This will allow you to discuss some issues with the project participants from your country, etc. This request is only related because of the difficulties of the language barrier in different countries. Since not every country can create such groups for discussion, despite the fact that the project is international. Also, the more people learn about the project and take part in it, the faster the turnover of bitcoins will occur and the faster it will be the turn to receive payments from the piggy Bank to each participant. We hope for your understanding. Sincerely, the team of the "Bitcoin piggy Bank" project.